Custard + Macaroon = Custaroon #genius
Melts in your_______ mouth. I'd curse but then it won't be appropriate. 

Where The Grass Is Chill

Non party animals club. We exist.



The most awkward person on earth running a blog?! Why not? Haha. 

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Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant

After the Love Project Conference, we headed straight to Greenbelt and ate our hearts out at Conti's. I've never tried it before but it looked really really nice inside.
On one side of the place was a bunch of pastries to get diabetes from. Awesome right? The rest were just seats for hungry people like us. 
As newbies in the place, we made sure to take forever in picking our dish. Yes guys. We are always hungry yet picky. We ended up getting the Mango Royale Salad. Not really going healthy here people, you just wait.
I got the USDA Roast Beef Belly for myself (pictured above). It was so yummy or maybe I was just hungry. Haha! Hungry enough to just take one fast photo of the dish and devour it within a minute!
And let me finish this post with a cake called Peach Walnut Torte. Probably the bomb diggity because of the walnuts. All good things about the place but really they should fix their airconditioning system! Holy camoly it was hot!

xoxo Patricia plus 20 pounds


Long Story Short

Have you ever had those moments where you just wanna shave all your hair off? I do and that is why on one Saturday I finally got a hair cut in the shortest length possible. I went to my trusted hairdresser, showed him a picture of a celebrity I don't look like at all and of course, in a country where long locks are considered the standard of beauty, my hairdresser pulled this question on me, "Are you sure about this?" and I was like, "Just cut it. Jeez." As he was cutting my hair, people inside the parlor were looking at me in complete disbelief. It was like I did a crime. So crazy! I honestly did not care how it turned out, I just want less hair in my head as possible and I got it and it's not that bad. Oh except in the mornings, it's really really bad. Haha!
Well, if you're planning to get a short cut but scared to be mistaken for a boy. I've got two things for you sisters, red lipstick and florals. But sometimes none of these two are of reach so you're pretty much doomed. Haha! I know it sounds like a lot of trouble to get your hair that short but still you'd be better without sweating from Mars to Venus or even running late for class with hair dripping wet or the worst of all, hitting someone in the face in a public transport. You know it happens. Now the question is, are you the victim or the suspect? I am definitely a victim.

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Front Door

Hello guys!

Me and my sister have a new track. We've written this a few months ago and only got the time to record it last week. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it! :)

Front Door
Music & Lyrics: Patricia and Pauline
Sitting here alone in my room
You're with her again I assume
You're singing her the same tune
You made for me
Don't you feel any shame?
Two girls at a time
What a game
You're playing
Oh baby
In your front door
All your things in a box
With a note written
I hope life sucks
I'm leaving
Done giving
You my everything
Now don't come knocking at my door
I'll kick your ass oh that's for sure
You made your bed now lie in it
Save your sorrys
Don't tell me I'm never gonna find
Someone like you
You're the worst kind
Of human
You're not worth
my time
I'm leaving
Done giving
You my everything
© Copyright


Hands Full

This is one hell of a week. Tried to meet deadlines and not to mention the internet went gone for two days! Oh well I did my best. Earlier, we had our photoshoot. It was crazy. We had to do our own hair and makeup but it was fun. Before we wrapped it up we all did the "Miley tounge out" pose. Even taught our professor how to do it. Haha!  I definitely let out a big sigh of relief when Thursday ended. Turned out we don't have anything planned for tomorrow. Time to have that long needed sleep! Wake me up when September ends. Well, I'd probably have failed my subjects by then. Haha
 It's just that there are so many things happening in September. Debut, christening, Botolan immersion, exhibits and peace forum. I can't even breathe now. You see, it's fully packed! I do hope I can do all these things without too much stress, too much eating, too much cartoons...
 Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend guys! :)

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