Hands Full

This is one hell of a week. Tried to meet deadlines and not to mention the internet went gone for two days! Oh well I did my best. Earlier, we had our photoshoot. It was crazy. We had to do our own hair and makeup but it was fun. Before we wrapped it up we all did the "Miley tounge out" pose. Even taught our professor how to do it. Haha!  I definitely let out a big sigh of relief when Thursday ended. Turned out we don't have anything planned for tomorrow. Time to have that long needed sleep! Wake me up when September ends. Well, I'd probably have failed my subjects by then. Haha
 It's just that there are so many things happening in September. Debut, christening, Botolan immersion, exhibits and peace forum. I can't even breathe now. You see, it's fully packed! I do hope I can do all these things without too much stress, too much eating, too much cartoons...
 Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend guys! :)

top//diy dad's
pants//forever 21
shoes//royal elastics

The Miley Photo

Taught our professor how to be Miley Cyrus. Haha! You simply stick your tounge out. She actually did better than me. Anyhoo had fun in the photoshoot earlier with these awesome people. :)


Walk in Stripes

top:thrifted + bag:jansport{borrowed from sister} + bracelet:gifted + pants:forever 21 + shoes:advan
I am loving the weather in the city right now. It's not too cold, not too hot. Just perfect to wear a light sweater. Today I attended the anti-piracy campaign in school and it was really fun and inspiring. Then from school we walked to CCP for Cinemalaya. It was a long walk but we were so lucky to have a view of the sea. We got to see Babagwa. It was really surprisingly good! Expect me to support more local movies. On to my outfit, this striped pants is my new fave! I wore it a couple of times. I must say, it's not the easiest piece to pair with so if you have any ways on how to style it. Please let me know! 



Post Valentines Outfit

"Grades create divide" 
3 Idiots
And so is Valentines. I saw two girls at the mall and one of them just can't stop talking about how many gifts she received that day. I stopped caring about what she was saying and looked at her friend. Her friend, who I believe received nothing on Valentines. She was smiling, happy for her friend but I know deep inside she was jealous too. So what's the point of this story? Is it the girl's fault from rubbing it too much on her friend's face? Damn yeah! Haha! But really my point is...Girls! Your worth is not measured by the gifts you received or guys you have. Valentines don't have to suck. I for myself didn't receive anything but I spent the day with my single friends and had so much fun! We even made a video! So don't go crying on Valentines, spend it with your single friends or your mom or treat yourself cause the best thing about life is not just I love yous but I love me too (just not too much)! Haha!


Oh My Deer!

sweater: threadless + dress: sm dept. store + necklace: bazaar

Years of photos gone. Years of music gone. Yes, I must move on. I have the photos on Facebook. If only Zuckerberg made them high def. See that photo above, just grabbed that on my FB and crapitty crap! As of my music, I'm starting to build it again. Just downloaded Swift's Red album and one song goes like,

Ooh ooh he's talking crazy
Ooh ooh dancing with me
Ooh ooh we could get married
Have ten kids and teach them how to dream

I feel better now, knowing Taylor Swift has a bigger problem than mine..


Cats and Robots

shirt: threadless
Spent the afternoon slapping stickers on my wall. My room looks like a little guy's now. Haha! But I don't mind...Come on you guys! I have robots on my wall! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?! No? Alright. On to my shirt, I am by no means a cat person. But when you put a cat in a shirt, that's a different question. When someone tells you, "Oh nice shirt!" You just say, "Thanks! I love cats!" And yes that makes you the biggest liar ever.

Anyhoo, university week starts tomorrow! I'll make sure to snap photos from day 1 til day 4!


Photoshop: JimpyTV

Click the photo to visit his/her site
So I made a banner for my friend Jimpy. He's really good you know. He supports local movies, tv shows and music. He's a fan of Kris Aquino. So I made this banner inspired by his idol. (I think I should start using "she" and "her") Okay. She loves pink and purple. Well most girls do. Anyway drop by if you have time! I got featured in her Episode Two where you can see my collection!