What Not To Do At Food Parks

I promised to post this yesterday but I've lied, just like how I've lied about my diet every month. I am sorry....not sorry. I went to four food parks in Marikina but I only have decent photos at Crave Park. Disclaimer: I am no spot.ph. All I have is food advice. I mean I do have my life figured out. Ha ha. So here are my "expert" advice on WHAT NOT TO DO AT FOOD PARKS:

What are you doing?! This is not an open relationship. This is serious food business. You have to know where to go, what to try, and how much money to bring. Trust me. You can get so overwhelmed and forget to allot money for your Uber ride home. Come on. Don't be that person. Don't be me.

Ask your friends to buy different things then share! I find it the best way to go when visiting a new food park. The more friends, the more food! I'm actually very lucky to have friends who are game to eat anywhere. Yes, I do have friends now guys. Surprising.

I trust my appetite. It can go beyond the moon and back. But if you eat nothing but carbs, you will end up not wanting to try anything else. I'm staring at you pita bread! So take it easy on the carbs and you'll enjoy the food experience.

Lastly, control yourself and don't take a bite of that burger before you take a photo. That's pretty much it. Go and follow your cravings fellas and make me proud! 


Lucy In The Sky With Chokers

Come on. Let's not get predictable and talk about chokers and The Beatles as the title suggests. Let's talk about why this blog is alive again?! I know, I know. I stopped blogging months ago and mainly because I got older and got scared of putting myself out there. But why? Why was I so scared? When all that ever read my blog is my dad. Haha. Just kidding. Hi dad! As silly as this sounds, it took an earthquake to make me blog again. It was my first time to actually feel the world shaking. We were at the cinema and I just froze. And I have to say this although it's very unnecessary, my first quake experience is more traumatic than my first kiss. Haha. Not funny Pat. Anyhoo, it was a reminder to live my life the way I want it. So here I am folks, blogging again and creating titles like Lucy In The Sky With Chokers. Oh no.

outfit details:
choker//do i really need to say?
watch//aldo (gifted by bf)
belt//some bazaar


To The Guy I Didn't Give A Chance


    I know you'd hate to hear from me and I understand. I was the girl who burned you out and it’s almost too much to ask you the chance to hear me out when I didn’t even give you a chance at anything. I really don’t know how to start this but I am truly sorry. Sorry for the times I didn’t reply to your texts. I am sorry for leading you on to nothing. I am sorry for making you feel like there’s something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. You were a great guy and you still are. I took it for granted then because I was the girl who didn’t care. I was determined to find someone better. Well, time and time again I was proved wrong. You were the better guy. You’re the guy who knows me more than I know myself. You’re the guy who remembers every detail about me. You’re the guy who’d go great heights to make me happy. You’re the guy who loves to touch my disgusting hair. You’re the guy who knows how to make a girl feel special. You’re the guy my mom likes very much. You’re a great guy and I made the huge mistake of letting you go. 

    There I said it. I regret letting you go. If only I looked way past the smoke of your cigarette and saw the guy you truly were then I wouldn’t have to write any of this. You were the guy who gave me a chance and I blew it. No wait. You gave me chances and I blew all of it. I’m very sorry and if you’re up to this point and wonder why I wrote this, it’s because I miss you. I know that’s absurd from the girl who didn’t give you a chance but I really do. I miss you and I hope you’re happy and in love with someone who gives you the chance you deserve. Because you really deserve every chance in the world and if it makes you feel any better, my life has gone to watching Sex and the City alone on a Friday night. So to the guy I didn’t give a chance, please know that there’s not a day I didn’t wish I gave you the chance you deserve. Oh by the way, I miss you. Did I already say that?

The Girl Who Didn’t Give You A Chance


Feed The Cookie Monster

Let's just say the productivity bug finally bit me. I finished some things I've been putting off from my list, I did my laundry and finished two books I've been ignoring for forever. Can I hear an amen? But even with this productivity, I still love my downtime (always). Did I tell you we have a new home?! More like a second or third home. You know me, I'm a nomad. That's pretty much it. Hope you enjoy the start of the week! :)



Custard + Macaroon = Custaroon #genius
Melts in your_______ mouth. I'd curse but then it won't be appropriate. 

Where The Grass Is Chill

Non party animals club. We exist.


Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant

After the Love Project Conference, we headed straight to Greenbelt and ate our hearts out at Conti's. I've never tried it before but it looked really really nice inside.
On one side of the place was a bunch of pastries to get diabetes from. Awesome right? The rest were just seats for hungry people like us. 
As newbies in the place, we made sure to take forever in picking our dish. Yes guys. We are always hungry yet picky. We ended up getting the Mango Royale Salad. Not really going healthy here people, you just wait.
I got the USDA Roast Beef Belly for myself (pictured above). It was so yummy or maybe I was just hungry. Haha! Hungry enough to just take one fast photo of the dish and devour it within a minute!
And let me finish this post with a cake called Peach Walnut Torte. Probably the bomb diggity because of the walnuts. All good things about the place but really they should fix their airconditioning system! Holy camoly it was hot!

xoxo Patricia plus 20 pounds