Hands Full

This is one hell of a week. Tried to meet deadlines and not to mention the internet went gone for two days! Oh well I did my best. Earlier, we had our photoshoot. It was crazy. We had to do our own hair and makeup but it was fun. Before we wrapped it up we all did the "Miley tounge out" pose. Even taught our professor how to do it. Haha!  I definitely let out a big sigh of relief when Thursday ended. Turned out we don't have anything planned for tomorrow. Time to have that long needed sleep! Wake me up when September ends. Well, I'd probably have failed my subjects by then. Haha
 It's just that there are so many things happening in September. Debut, christening, Botolan immersion, exhibits and peace forum. I can't even breathe now. You see, it's fully packed! I do hope I can do all these things without too much stress, too much eating, too much cartoons...
 Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend guys! :)

top//diy dad's
pants//forever 21
shoes//royal elastics


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