Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant

After the Love Project Conference, we headed straight to Greenbelt and ate our hearts out at Conti's. I've never tried it before but it looked really really nice inside.
On one side of the place was a bunch of pastries to get diabetes from. Awesome right? The rest were just seats for hungry people like us. 
As newbies in the place, we made sure to take forever in picking our dish. Yes guys. We are always hungry yet picky. We ended up getting the Mango Royale Salad. Not really going healthy here people, you just wait.
I got the USDA Roast Beef Belly for myself (pictured above). It was so yummy or maybe I was just hungry. Haha! Hungry enough to just take one fast photo of the dish and devour it within a minute!
And let me finish this post with a cake called Peach Walnut Torte. Probably the bomb diggity because of the walnuts. All good things about the place but really they should fix their airconditioning system! Holy camoly it was hot!

xoxo Patricia plus 20 pounds