Front Door

Hello guys!

Me and my sister have a new track. We've written this a few months ago and only got the time to record it last week. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it! :)

Front Door
Music & Lyrics: Patricia and Pauline
Sitting here alone in my room
You're with her again I assume
You're singing her the same tune
You made for me
Don't you feel any shame?
Two girls at a time
What a game
You're playing
Oh baby
In your front door
All your things in a box
With a note written
I hope life sucks
I'm leaving
Done giving
You my everything
Now don't come knocking at my door
I'll kick your ass oh that's for sure
You made your bed now lie in it
Save your sorrys
Don't tell me I'm never gonna find
Someone like you
You're the worst kind
Of human
You're not worth
my time
I'm leaving
Done giving
You my everything
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