Lucy In The Sky With Chokers

Come on. Let's not get predictable and talk about chokers and The Beatles as the title suggests. Let's talk about why this blog is alive again?! I know, I know. I stopped blogging months ago and mainly because I got older and got scared of putting myself out there. But why? Why was I so scared? When all that ever read my blog is my dad. Haha. Just kidding. Hi dad! As silly as this sounds, it took an earthquake to make me blog again. It was my first time to actually feel the world shaking. We were at the cinema and I just froze. And I have to say this although it's very unnecessary, my first quake experience is more traumatic than my first kiss. Haha. Not funny Pat. Anyhoo, it was a reminder to live my life the way I want it. So here I am folks, blogging again and creating titles like Lucy In The Sky With Chokers. Oh no.

outfit details:
choker//do i really need to say?
watch//aldo (gifted by bf)
belt//some bazaar


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