What Not To Do At Food Parks

I promised to post this yesterday but I've lied, just like how I've lied about my diet every month. I am sorry....not sorry. I went to four food parks in Marikina but I only have decent photos at Crave Park. Disclaimer: I am no spot.ph. All I have is food advice. I mean I do have my life figured out. Ha ha. So here are my "expert" advice on WHAT NOT TO DO AT FOOD PARKS:

What are you doing?! This is not an open relationship. This is serious food business. You have to know where to go, what to try, and how much money to bring. Trust me. You can get so overwhelmed and forget to allot money for your Uber ride home. Come on. Don't be that person. Don't be me.

Ask your friends to buy different things then share! I find it the best way to go when visiting a new food park. The more friends, the more food! I'm actually very lucky to have friends who are game to eat anywhere. Yes, I do have friends now guys. Surprising.

I trust my appetite. It can go beyond the moon and back. But if you eat nothing but carbs, you will end up not wanting to try anything else. I'm staring at you pita bread! So take it easy on the carbs and you'll enjoy the food experience.

Lastly, control yourself and don't take a bite of that burger before you take a photo. That's pretty much it. Go and follow your cravings fellas and make me proud! 


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